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Dance is a way of Life
Ages 13+

Ballet 3

This is advanced ballet in soft shoe. This class is a requirement for anyone in Pre-Pointe or Performance Pointe. This class will push terminology and technique. This is an advanced class for previous Ballet 2 students.


Invitation Only. Ballet 3 is required for this class. This class will teach students how to maintain their pointe shoes and will train them to dance safely. This class is training only and will not perform in recital.

Performance-Pointe (Ballet 4)


Invitation Only. Ballet 3 is required for this class as well as a previous year of pre-pointe. Performance Pointe will push dancers to their limit and teach them the art and grace of pointe dancing. This class performs in recital.

Acro 2

This is a class that fills quickly so sign up today! This is an extension of acro 1 for those who have their front limber. You will learn new tricks and push your flexibility while dancing to upbeat and fun music. 


Invitation Only. Tumble is for advanced acro students who are ready for more advanced tricks such as back tucks, front aerials, and full passes.

Contemporary 2- Advanced

Come learn the art of modern dance and experience the free-spirit of motion. This class teaches storytelling and expression through movement. 

Musical Theater Jazz

This class fills up quick so sign up today! This class dives deep into different musicals and students focus on a new one each week. Once a month, students will get a tap class to use at their next audition. Broadway hopefuls will love this class, as will the energetic teen. 

Tap 2


Grab those tap shoes! This advanced tap class is high energy and fun. The difficulty increases from Tap 1 and the steps get faster and more intricate. Students must have previous tap experience to enter this class.

Deep Stretch

This one day class will focus on flexibility and stretch training. Great for dancers and athletes. 

Competition Team

Students 13+ can try out for Senior Competition team. Click here to learn more:

Summer Production

Students 6+ can audition for a spot in our free summer theater dance production! Click here to learn more!


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Our Mission:
Enriching the lives of young dancers through the art of movement and self-love to invoke their passion, discipline, and growth both mentally and physically.

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