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It's never to late to learn
Interested in Adult Classes?  Email us at to see about getting one added to our Calendar!  Must have at least three people for a class to run!

Adult Cardio jazz

Get your heart pumping during this upbeat class. This class will give you that satisfying workout you want, without the boring elliptical machine. Grab your friends and have a fun girls night out!

Baby and me

Moms and Dads can bring their baby to this fun music based dance time. Hold your baby close, wrap them up in a sling, and spend some quality time with your little one. Dancers start early, so why not start them now

Senior Ballet

Ages 55+ can enjoy a soothing ballet class that improves strength and coordination. Classes are formatted for both standing and seated instruction so you are sure everyone can participate, regardless of physical ability! 

Adult Cardio Tap

This class is great for all walks of life! Tap is a great way to get your blood pumping and learn something new. Adult tap is for all skill levels, new or veterans of the craft. 

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