Health and Safety

At Elite Arts Company, it is our goal to keep dancers and staff safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Please review our health and safety rules before attending class so we can ensure your child's safety as well as other's. 

EAC Current In-Class Covid-19 Safety and Precautionary Policy

• All persons entering the building must wear a face mask. Parents inside the facility are required to wear a mask at all times.

• Dance students must wear a mask until they arrive in their marked area ("dancer space") inside the dance studio room. Shared spaces such as bathrooms, the stretch den, and/or the lobby require a mask.

• Any individual unwilling to abide by face mask rules will be asked to leave.  No class refunds will be administered.

• Students are expected to remain socially distanced during class time. Areas that are 6-ft apart will be taped off on the dance floor.

• Students must have a Covid-19 Wellness Check form on file EACH WEEK.  Students who do not have this form on file prior to their first dance class of the week will not be permitted to participate.  No class refunds will be administered. **NOTE:  Link to the EAC Wellness Check form can be found in the Waiver section of your StudioBookings account.**

• Drinking fountains are closed off to students until further notice; STUDENTS MUST BRING WATER BOTTLE(S).  Dancers should plan accordingly if in multiple back-to-back classes. Staff may utilize the drinking fountain to refill water bottles only. Sharing of water bottles is prohibited, even among family members.

• EAC Staff are required to sanitize equipment after each class, and sanitize students' hands every 15 - 20 minutes. Staff are required to wear masks at ALL times. Additional safety equipment, such as gloves and face shields, will be made available to an instructor if physically assisting a student.

• Dance students, parents, or staff members who have ANY Covid-19 symptoms are prohibited from entering the building. Students may be temperature-checked upon arrival.


EAC Shutdown Due to State Regulations Policy

In the event we are unable to operate per Michigan government, Elite Arts Company will cease dance instructions for the remainder of that week, after which a combination of outside (if allowed) and online classes will resume. (Private lessons will be cancelled until in-person classes can resume.) Both outdoor and online classes will occur at the same day/time as normal in-person class. EAC will try to have class method (outdoor or online) determined by 24 hours prior to dance class; notification will be provided no later than 2:00pm of that day.  Notifications will occur via email, text message (if you signed up for emergency text notifications), the StudioBookings app, and Facebook.  Outdoor classes will be held outside the EAC studio, with social distancing, other Covid-19 regulations, and general dance safety practices in place.  Online classes will be held via Zoom.  Parents will be credited for any missed class for the timeframe between being shut down and start of online classes; payment plan customers will still be charged monthly for classes. Failure to attend outdoor or online classes will not result in a refund.


EAC Shutdown Due to Confirmed Positive Covid-19 Case Policy

In the event there is a confirmed positive Covid-19 case (student or staff), all parents will be notified immediately (via email, text, and StudioBookings app) and encouraged to have their dancer tested.  The studio will immediately shut down for the remainder of that week. Online classes will resume the following week with virtual classes being held at the same day/time as in-person classes.  Online classes will be held via Zoom.  Parents will be credited for any missed class for the timeframe between being shut down and start of online classes; payment plan customers will still be charged monthly for classes. Failure to attend online classes will not result in a refund.  EAC will follow CDC guidelines on deep cleaning the facility and on reopening for in-person classes. Close communication will be provided to parents.





All students are required to wear proper footwear to class. Dancing barefoot/socks/street shoes is not allowed, no exceptions. If a student comes to class unprepared, they will be asked to sit out. 

All students must have hair properly out of face for safety reasons! This is for the safety of students and staff. 

Students are expected to eat before class and eat well. Teachers ask that parents encourage healthy eating habits. If unhealthy habits occur (binge eating, anorexia/anorexic behavior, bulimia/forced vomiting, etc.) Parents will be notified and a nutritionist/psychologist will be referred. At EAC we believe in "Everyone can dance". We do not encourage a certain "dancer body" in order to participate, and we take those issues very seriously.

Students taking more than one class in a row is encouraged to bring a healthy snack in between classes. Staff will allow double dancers to take a break and eat. In between snacks include: fruits, veggies, pasta salad, cheese and crackers, trail mix, etc. Prohibited snacks: Chips/soda, fast food, heavy starches, candy/sweets. 

Students are encouraged to talk tot heir teachers openly about what is bothering them, as we will not tell parents every detail. Conversations are confidential. However, at any time if a staff member believes that a student is a danger to themselves or others, parents will be notified and a therapist/psychologist will be referred. Behaviors including but not limited to anorexic behavior/anorexia, bulimia/forced vomiting, cutting/self harm of any kind, suicidal/homicidal thoughts/actions, increased interest in self harm/acts of violence, threats to self or others, etc will be reported to parents.

All staff are required to complete CPR/First Aid Training. Any past injuries should be revealed to instructors such as but not limited to asthma, hemophilia, anemia, diabetes, knee problems, back problems, hip/joint problems, or any past injuries. Dancers are trained to know their own body. If there is a hurting moment or an injury, PLEASE encourage your student to tell their teacher. Bonus points if it comes from the dancer, not the parent. 

(dancers are encouraged to attend the "know my body" class at the beginning of the year)

All staff are trained as CPS reporters. It is the law that we report any abusive behavior/evidence to CPS/the police.