Health and Safety

Elite Arts Company updates its Health & Safety Policy periodically to  ensure continued safety for our EAC family; you will be notified of  updates as they occur. 

• Face Masks are not required to be worn within the EAC studio.  With that said, you are more than welcome to still wear one if you  want. (Parents – feel free to email to  notify us if you want your child wearing a facemask; we will  certainly help monitor/enforce.) 

• EAC will not formally track any symptoms. If you feel sick, stay  home! Parents – we look to you for help with this. Please  continually monitor your child’s health and keep them home if they  feel sick! This is not only for the overall health of your child, but  also for the EAC family as a whole. Note – no refunds will be issued  if class(es) are missed due to sickness. 

• If you are quarantined for COVID-19 related reasons, or are  pending a COVID-19 test result, you are not allowed in the EAC  Studio. Again, we will not be tracking this formally, but rely on your  honesty to help keep the EAC family healthy and safe. Note – no  refunds will be issued if class(es) are missed due to a COVID-19  related quarantine unless otherwise stated. 

• If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you are not allowed in  the EAC Studio. EAC follows CDC guidelines for quarantine length  recommendations before you are allowed back in the studio. Note  – no refunds will be issued if class(es) are missed due to a COVID-19  related quarantine unless otherwise stated. 

• If you have tested positive for COVID-19, NOTIFY EAC  IMMEDIATELY at EAC follows CDC  guidelines regarding potential spread and will communicate to  applicable EAC family members accordingly.  

• All instructors and students will use hand sanitizer (provided by  EAC) at the beginning and end of each class, as well as frequently  throughout the class/event.

Last updated: July 31, 2021 


• EAC Staff are required to clean equipment in between each class. • All EAC Staff have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. • As much as possible and without hindering the overall goal of a  

class, EAC will enforce social distancing and spacing between  students. 

• All individuals participating in an EAC event (including dance classes  and production rehearsals), MUST have an EAC Medical Waiver &  Media Release Form on file. One form required per student per  dance year (September – August). 

Due to allergies, EAC is a Peanut-Free Zone. Please no peanut related products inside the EAC studio, or at an EAC-sponsored  event. 

• The EAC Lobby is still “closed” for the duration of the fall semester – meaning that parents should not loiter or wait inside the EAC  Lobby. EXCEPTION: Parents of kiddos age 3 – 5 are allowed to wait  in the lobby. 

• Students are required to bring a water bottle to each class/event.  Water bottle must be closed-top (non-spill) and be filled with  water only. If water bottle is found to have anything other than  water, the water bottle will remain in the lobby for the duration of  class and cannot be utilized by the student. 

• Drinking Fountain can ONLY be utilized to refill personal water  bottles via the water bottle filler feature. Sharing of water bottles  is prohibited, even among family members. 

• Should a student receive a non-emergency injury during class, EAC  Instructor will fill out an Injury Report and provide to parent at end  of class. 

• Should a student receive an emergency injury during class, parents  and emergency contacts will be notified immediately via a phone  call. Order of notification will occur in the order as laid out on the  EAC Medical Waiver & Media Release Form. Once a contact is  successfully reached, no further parental/emergency contact phone  calls will be made.  

• We ask that parents and students notify EAC Staff in the event of  injury outside of the EAC Studio so that we can monitor and ensure  no further injury occurs during EAC class/event. 

Last updated: July 31, 2021 


• If any medication or first aid is administered (Tylenol, etc.) during  an EAC Class, EAC Instructor will fill out a First Aid Report and  

provide to parent at end of class. Only those medications approved  via the EAC Medical Waiver & Media Release Form will be  



In the event we are unable to operate per Michigan government, Elite Arts Company, LLC will cease instructions for the remainder of that week, after  which a combination of outside (if allowed) and online classes will resume. (Private lessons will be cancelled until in-person classes can resume.) Both 

outdoor and online classes will occur at the same day/time as normal in-person class. EAC will try to have class method (outdoor or online) determined by 24 hours prior to dance class; notification will be provided no later than 2:00pm of that day. Notifications will occur via email, text message (if you signed up for emergency text notifications), the StudioBookings app, and Facebook. Outdoor classes will be held outside the EAC studio, with social distancing, other Covid 19 regulations, and general dance safety practices in place. Online classes will be held via Zoom. Parents will be credited for any missed class for the timeframe between being shut down and start of online classes; payment plan customers will still be charged monthly for classes while still receiving a future semester credit. Failure to attend outdoor or online classes will not result in a refund. 


In the event there is a confirmed positive Covid-19 case (student or staff), EAC  will follow CDC guidelines regarding potential spread and impact. Applicable  parents will be notified immediately (via email, text, and StudioBookings app) 

and encouraged to have their dancer tested. EAC will follow CDC guidelines on  deep cleaning the facility and on remaining open / closing and re-opening for in person classes. Close communication will be provided to parents at that point in  time

Last updated: July 31, 2021