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Dancers GROW at Elite Arts Company! Ages 6-8

Whether you are just joining us, or you are moving up from age 3-5, WELCOME! We are so proud of our youth programs and we can't wait to see your dancer in class! 

Ballet 1

This class is for those moving up from storybook ballet or for age 6-8 dancers. This class will dive deep into some need-to-know ballet terminology. This class is great for the ballerina/ballerino in your life

Acro/gymnastics 1

Acro is our most popular class, so if you are interested, enroll today before the spots are filled! This class focuses on flexibility and basic tricks used in acrobatic routines. Students will learn back bends, back walk overs, front limbers, sommersaults, cartwheels and more! 


Tap 1

TippyToes Tappers who are moving up will attend this class! This class is for beginner tappers who are interested in learning how to tap! This class is upbeat and F-U-N!

Jazz 1


Jazz is great for your energetic kiddo! This class is upbeat and features classic jazz technique. Once a month, this class will host a musical theater day for your theater lover. 

Competition Team

Ages 6+ can try out for the competition dance team! Click here for info!   Competition Team Members MUST take one (1) ballet class and one (1) acro class each semester.

Summer Production

Ages 6+ can audition to be a part of our free production summer camp! Click here for more info!


Our Mission:
Enriching the lives of young dancers through the art of movement and self-love to invoke their passion, discipline, and growth both mentally and physically.

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