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Elite Arts Company Theater

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The 2024 EAC Summer Production
                       is going to be:
                THE WIZARD OF OZ!

The EAC Summer Production
Program is a way for local students 
and young adults to grow their love
of performing through dancing and
acting by telling a story primarily through
the art of movement.  No prior experience
is required, and participants will gain 
experience in both acting and dancing
while making new friends in the process!
Those who participate receive free dance
classes, free acting classes, and learn all
about theater from local professionals. 
If you would like to join our summer production family, check out the auditions page.

Elite Arts Company got its start in the theater in 2016 by Natalie Schwartz. We began our journey with Circus Circus which was performed at Bullock Creek Auditorium in 2017.  After that one night performance, Elite Arts Company BOOMED and began gaining momentum as they prepared for the next production. 

At the same location the following spring 2018, EAC performed The Secret Annex: Story of Anne Frank. This two-performance run was moving, exceptional, respectful and emotional. 

Later on in summer 2019, auditions were held once again and EAC put on the kid's classic, Alice in Wonderland. This was the largest project yet and it was performed at Bay City Players.  The summer of 2019 really cemented EAC's Summer Production Program in the hearts of the local theater and dance community, paving the way for all future EAC Summer Production Programs, as well as the formation of the EAC Dance Studio as a whole.  

EAC Summer Productions:
          Circus Circus (2017)
          The Secret Annex: Story of Anne Frank (2018)
          Alice in Wonderland (2019)
          Sleeping Beauty (2021)
          Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of Riverfall Way (2022)
          James & the Giant Peach (2023)

COMING NEXT:  The Wizard of Oz (August 2024)

These shows keep growing in attendance and participation. What makes these so special is the comradery between cast-mates, and the support of the community. Without said support, this program would not be free to participants. 


Our Mission:
Enriching the lives of young dancers through the art of movement and self-love to invoke their passion, discipline, and growth both mentally and physically.

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